A Little About Future (hopefuly), Current, and Past Tigers

I got to ask Mekhi Wingo 2021 defensive lineman recruit a few questions and once again I thank him for his time.

  You signed early but had several other offers and even a crystal ball prediction to West Virginia. Were there ever any doubts where you wanted to go ?

Mekhi: There was a little doubt but as time went on I knew Mizzou was for sure the spot I wanted to be.

  Is there anybody that you pattern your game after ?

Mekhi: Aaron Donald is my favorite player in the NFL and I watch film on him and try to master his pass rushing moves.

  It seems you and your teammates do some recruiting of your own, are you still trying to sway some recruits ?

Mekhi: For sure, mainly in state kids, but I am definitely still trying to recruit 2022.

  I personally feel like something special is happening with this program. Do you and some of the others get that feeling too ?

Mekhi: Absolutely, we believe in what Coach Drink is doing and feel the program is headed in the right direction.

  What's your favorite meal ?

Mekhi: My favorite meal is probably like Fettuccine or some type of pasta with garlic bread.


   All time best movie ?

Mekhi: My favorite movie of all time is Harlem Nights.

  Tell me something about you not many people know.

Mekhi:  One thing no one knows is I almost flipped to Texas Tech a few months ago, but I knew we had something special going at Mizzou.


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