• Roy Glover

Zxaequan Reeves

We've been looking at a lot of the recruits from the 2022 class, but I'd like to look at one of our guys from the 2021 class. Snoop Reeves is a big cover corner recruited out of Florida and enrolled early at Mizzou. He's part of a young secondary, inexperienced, but athletic and hungry. I assume there will be some ups and downs with this group but they're going to get better every day.

Let's get to know Zxaequan better.

1 What do you believe are your strengths that you will bring to the team ?

Snoop I would say my length, ball skills, and physicality.

2 You got enrolled early. how's spring practice going so far ?

Snoop Spring ball has been great so far, I'm learning and getting better every single day.

3 Are you getting comfortable with your teammates and coaches ?

Snoop Yes, I'm pretty comfortable around my teammates and coaches because we do a lot of team bonding together.

4 It's a young secondary, are you guys starting to come together ?

Snoop I believe that we are coming together because all of us are starting to play faster, learn the playbook, and make plays.

5 We had a cold stretch, that probably took a little getting used to for a Florida kid.

Snoop I've never experienced any cold like that before so I made sure that I had layers of clothes on but it was also my first time seeing snow so I enjoyed that.

6 Okay, where does the Snoop name fit in ?

Snoop Snoop is a nickname that I got from my older cousin June, he gave me that name because when I was younger I use to wear braids and it reminded him of Snoop Dog and everyone just started calling me that from there on.

7 Do you have any goals for your first year ?

Snoop I have a couple of goals but the main one that I want to work on is actually playing this season.

8 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Snoop I'm pretty set on studying business.

9 Favorite food ?

Snoop I have a variety of favorite foods.

10 Best movie of all time ?

Snoop Best movie of all time is Friday.

11 What's on the top of your bucket list ? The one thing you really want to do or see ?

Snoop Going to Miami for spring break is on top of my bucket list.

12 Tell me one thing not many people know about you.

Snoop I'm a very nonchalant, laid back type of kid.

I'm excited to watch Zxaequan and the rest of this class grow together. I'm definitely looking forward to watching practice on Saturday and the spring game. Coach Drink and his staff have a really good bunch of recruits to add to a solid core of players. The future looks bright in Columbia.


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