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Xavion Brice

Xavion Brice is an athlete out of Seguin High School in Arlington Texas . 6'2" 175 LB with 4.47 speed he has played quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back . He was offered early on by Kansas and Tulsa amongst others, and verbally committed to Kansas back on 11/25/2020 . Coaching changes came to Kansas and Xavion attended a number of camps and in June offers started to roll in . First SMU, then Oklahoma, Texas , Baylor, and Mizzou and Xavion has become a hot commodity .

Originally recruited as a wide receiver the narrative has turned more to cornerback . Coach Fletcher had already liked him while at Tulsa and offered both Xavion and teammate Jamel Johnson to join him at Missouri . With his length and speed it would seem Coach Fletcher has found another athlete he could mold into a really good corner . Xavion is already a very smooth cornerback that can go up and make plays , he has very good ball skills . He has all the attributes to be a D1 shutdown corner, welcome to Xavion island .

1 Coach Fletcher is recruiting you , did you get to know him while he was at Tulsa and if so how is the relationship ?

Xavion The relationship is good, it's going to get better with the time we have .

2 Originally you committed to Kansas as a wide receiver , now you are being recruited as a cornerback . Do you have a preference ?

Xavion No sir, not really. I would really like to play both sides of the ball to help my team.

3 Do you have a timeline for when you want to commit yet ?

Xavion Yes, sometime before my senior season starts . Before August or the end of July .

4 You have picked up some really nice offers as of late , what are you looking for in a program ?

Xavion What I'm looking for in a program is a family I can come play for . Coaches as a father and players like brothers .

5 Mizzou also offered your teammate 2023 Jamel Johnson, what's the odds of a dynamic duo in a couple of years .

Xavion Me and JJ playing together in college would be unstoppable, because we are two good players on the team and we can make our teammates good as well .

6 Tell me one thing not many people know about you .

Xavion One ting about me, I'm a cool person to be around off the field . But when we at practice or a game it's go time for me. I'm locked in to the end .

Well Xavion is definitely locked in right now and so is Coach Fletcher . With the recent influx of talent to the defensive secondary it does look like DBZOU is alive and well. Like to see Xavion and Jamel both come and be a part of this .


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