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Selah Brown

One thing is becoming apparent, Coach Drink likes to recruit athletic defensive lineman. Selah Brown a 4 star recruit out of Louisville is just that and very versatile . His high school team has moved him up and down the line so he brings a lot of versatility. This young man specialized in wreaking havoc on the field.

Selah answered some questions so let's get to it.

1 How's basketball season going ?

Selah Basketball season is going pretty well right now, we are currently 2-1 and looking to keep improving.

2 Your first start in high school was pretty big tell us a little about that. note: Selah's first start as a freshman was in the state championship game.

Selah It was crazy, I was called on as a freshman to step up in the biggest HS game of my life and I delivered. I was nervous at first but I ended up getting into the groove.

3 Most sites list you as a strong side defensive end but you play up and down the line and even some linebacker . Do you have a preference ?

Selah I honestly don't have one, I just love creating problems for other team's offenses.

4 Who do you pattern your game after ?

Selah I watch a lot of Chase Young highlights as well as Aaron Donald, two great guys.

5 What do you see as your strengths and what are you working on ?

Selah My speed could improve and I want to get even stronger but those are two things I have right now that can't be stopped.

6 Have you built a relationship with the Mizzou staff ?

Selah I've talked to Coach Drink and I am close with linebacker coach DJ Smith.

7 Who are the teams recruiting you that have caught your early attention ?

Selah Probably Cincinnati, Louisville, Virginia, Stanford, and Boston College.

8 Favorite meal ?

Selah Fried CHICKEN ! Also pepperoni pizza.

9 Best movie of all time ?

Selah Would have to go with Friday After Next.

10 Tell me one thing not many people know about you.

Selah That I actually have some French in my bloodline tracing back from my family history.

Selah is an interesting prospect in that you could move him around or play him predominately at end. His football weight has been 270 but he plays basketball at around 240. That would seem to open the door to playing him at linebacker full time. Wherever you put him he's a matchup problem.


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