• Roy Glover

Samuel M'Pemba

Looking ahead to the 2023 class their is a young man that demands your attention. At 6'4" 220 LBs he stands out at the St Louis football fields. Already highly pursued by recruiters he is sure to make a program very happy in the future. He is generally listed as a defensive end prospect but don't sleep on his abilities as a wide receiver.

Think of someone similar to AJ Brown, a big play, large bodied matchup nightmare.

Samuel was nice enough to answer a few question for us.

1 You are still 2 years away from college and have already received 17 offers, are you surprised or a little overwhelmed by the early attention ?

Samuel No, I feel as if I've worked hard for it and I feel as if this what was supposed to happen.

2 Mizzou has started to have success in St Louis under Coach Drink. is there a buzz among players about what's happening in Columbia ?

Samuel Yea, a lot of people from St Louis like Missouri and the culture that is growing there with Coach Drink and many want the best players to attend Mizzou.

3 Do you talk to any of the current Tigers ?

Samuel Not much.

4 Have you built any relationships with the staff yet ?

Samuel A little bit with Chris Heinz note: Chris is Recruiting Quality Control

5 Who do you model your game after ?

Samuel Calvin Johnson on offense or LT on D or Micah Parsons a little bit, but I feel that I'm my own player and bring something else to the game.

6 What are your strengths and what are you working on to improve ?

Samuel I feel that my strengths are my route running for my size, my catching ability, IQ, motor, and speed. But I'm still improving my speed and my hand placement.

7 Are any programs standing out to you so far ?

Samuel I like Notre Dame, Washington, and Texas but recently I've been talking to more schools so the list is growing a little bit.

8 Favorite meal ?

Samuel Chicken and rice.

9 Best movie all time ?

Samuel My All American

10 Tell me something most people don't know about you.

Samuel I feel like I'm pretty good at chess.

I want to again thank Samuel for the time.