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Sam Slade

Sam Slade, sounds like a private detective but in this case he's a 5' 10" 180 LB dynamo playing football for St Peters in New Jersey. Recent Missouri offer possesses 4.4 speed with good hands and a natural shiftiness. I want to thank Sam for taking the time to answer some questions and it is apparent the young man is thoughtful and mature beyond his years.

Question 1. Being a Jersey kid and with recruitment just starting to pick up were you surprised to hear from Mizzou ?

Sam : I wasn't surprised, I pride myself on my work ethic and I feel I deserve all the things I have earned so far but it definitely very exciting.

Question 2. The offer is recent, had you been in contact already or was it kind of something new ?

Sam: It was kind of something new but I will be building relationships with the staff.

Question 3. 4.4 speed is great what other strengths do you have ?

Sam: I believe a big part of my game is the mental aspect. I know I'm not the biggest but I know I have good strength and great hands so I use that to my advantage.

Question 4. What are parts of your game you are looking to improve ?

Sam: I'm looking to become a true all-purpose back and to do so I have to improve my pass blocking which I am striving to get to this off-season.

Question 5. Mizzou likes to use their backs in the receiving game are you comfortable with that ?

Sam: Yes, I love catching the ball out of the backfield or even lined up in the slot, that was a big part of my junior season and I look to bring that with me to the next level.

Question 6. Have you worked as a returner ? And I've got to ask Hudl also lists you as a kicker, tell me about that.

Sam: I have worked as a returner in my past and I will be doing more of that this year for my team. And as for the kicker it's actually a funny story my dad used to coach my soccer team and I was an all state soccer player, so when my coaches heard about that they didn't hesitate to make me a K/P which I don't really do anymore but it used to be part of my game and might be again in the future.

Question 7. Favorite meal ?

Sam: My favorite meal would be surf and turf. a little steak and some choice of seafood, sounds perfect to me.

Question 8. Best movie of all time ?

Sam: In my opinion the best movie of all time is The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler. Highly recommend you check that out.

Question 9. Tell me one thing not many people know about you.

Sam: I've found a new love in the hobby of skateboarding.



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