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Ryan Brubaker

At 6' 6" 280 LBs Ryan Brubaker is arguably one of the most imposing athletes in high school swimming, and he's a pretty good offensive tackle as well. His film shows an excellent pass blocker with quick feet and strong hands. In run blocking shows ability and speed to get to the second level and does a really good job in trap blocking. The tigers are going to be in need of offensive line recruits with a veteran line this year. This young man could be of service right away. He has the size and quickness needed in the SEC and would fit Coach Drink's offense to a tee.

Let's go to a little Q&A.

1 You were offered recently by Mizzou, have you had a chance to get to know any of the staff yet ?

Ryan Yes, I've talked to Coach Johnson and some of the campus recruiting staff.

2 Some big offers have came lately are you looking to wait awhile or if a school seems right for you would you commit early ?

Ryan I'm waiting to visit a few schools before I set a date to commit.

3 What do you believe are your strengths ?

Ryan My strengths are school and my team-oriented abilities.

4 What are you looking to improve ?

Ryan My biggest weakness is my perfectionism ,

5 You are on the swim team, how is that going this year ?

Ryan Yeah, swimming was my first sport so that experience has allowed me to remain competitive in the pool as well as on the field despite my size and position.

6 Has any of the programs stood out or surprised you during your recruiting ?

Ryan There have been certain schools that have been surprising in what they have to offer, but at this point every school is on an even playing field until visits begin.

7 What would you like to study in college ?

Ryan History.

8 Favorite meal ?

Ryan Any food is good.

9 Best all time movie ?

Ryan I can watch about any movie, I'm not real picky.

10 Tell me one thing most people don't know about you.

Ryan I didn't start playing football until 7th grade.

Once again I want to thank Ryan for his time and hope he get's to visit Columbia soon.


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