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Quinton Conley

One of the better two sport athletes you are going to find in the area is Quinton Conley of Pembroke Hill in Kansas City. Quinton is currently averaging almost 20 points a game for the undefeated Raiders. But lets talk about the 6'5" 205 LB receiver. This young man is a big bodied receiver with 4.5 speed, good hands, and can play physical. His basketball skills translate well to the football field, has the ability to get up and high point the ball. A lot has been made about WR recruits like Coleman and Burden but this is the youngster that I personally think fits our roster better. He's just a mismatch for the defense and would make a real red zone threat. Given the lack of touchdown passes thrown the last couple of years this is just what the doctor ordered.

On with the questions.

1 Some of the services are listing you as a tight end, I personally see you as a wide receiver. Are there actually schools wanting to move you there ?

Quinton Some of the schools recruiting me are wanting me at tight end but some want me as a wide out. I'm not opposed to either but I play more receiver in high school and in 7v7.

2 Mizzou has yet to extend an offer ( one of the things that has thoroughly frustrated me this year ) are they in contact ?

Quinton I haven't heard from Mizzou up until last week and I talked with Coach Woods a bit.

3 Have you built a relationship with the coaching staff ?

Quinton I've been able to take a visit but haven't talked with many of the coaches.

4 You've been to Columbia a few times does it seem like a good fit ?

Quinton I know my good friend Max just committed there and he seems to like it and like the campus but I would like to get down there again.

5 You've also made the trip to Lincoln . I'm assuming they are high on your list. Now just tell me your recruitment is 100% open.

Quinton Yes

6 Max Whisner is a good friend of yours, might he be doing a little recruiting on his own ?

Quinton We've talked a bit and I'm good friends with Mekhi so I know we will be talking more about it in the future.

note Max Whisner and Mekhi Miller are 2022 verbal commits to Mizzou.

7 You're having an excellent basketball season, we've had players in the past that played both. Has that crossed your mind ?

Quinton I would love to play both at the next level . Our team is doing really well this season and we're looking to make a state run.

8 You are a big receiver, your eyes must light up when you see press coverage.

Quinton Definitely, and I worked a lot on my releases in 7v7 so I love seeing press.

9 What players do you study ?

Quinton I really like watching Julio Jones and Hopkins with them being some of the receivers who are built like me.

10 Favorite food ?

Quinton Boneless wings

11 Best movie all time ?

Quinton I really like Coming To America.

12 Tell me something not many people know about you.

Quinton I play a lot of chess.

I truly like all the players I do this with but Quinton is more than just a good athlete. This young man is smart and motivated. He will do well in college and will set a good example for others. There is a reason he is the captain of his team and is just the kind of leader that we want wearing black and gold.


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