• Roy Glover

Quantaves " Gumbo " Gaskins

Have you heard about the 6'2" 185 LB cornerback out of Hapeville Charter high school in Atlanta ? His name. Quantaves Gaskins, still doesn't ring a bell ? Well just about everybody was sleeping on this 2022 recruit until June .

What do you do when you believe you have the skills to play but nobody seems to notice . You could pout and sulk or you and your dad could load up and hit every camp you can jam in for the one month the NCAA allows you to show off your skills . Then you work your tail off and make them notice . That's exactly what Quantaves did and he now holds offers from Arkansas Sate, East Carolina, Georgia Tech,, Kansas Sate, Nebraska, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Mizzou .

To be fair the pandemic made it hard for a lot of athletes to get noticed and Quantaves just switched to corner a year ago . Quantaves has excelled at camps across the country and is only going to get better with time. Still learning, he seems like an athlete that Coach Fletcher could really develop as he did at Tulsa .

Talk about born to play football, Quantaves dad, Ivery played at UCF . His uncles Abram and Matt Elam played at Notre Dame and Florida and both played safety in the NFL . His cousin Kaiir Elam plays for the Florida Gators and was a Thorpe Award semifinalist last year .

This is a young man to keep an eye on going forward. He also does well in school and should have no problems excelling off the field .

1 Your recruitment has really blown up lately, are any of the programs standing out yet ?

Quantaves I have some really good choices . All the programs that have offered me are on the board . The ones that will stand out are the ones I notice consistently reaching out . Right now it's early for me .

2 Coach Fletcher has really done a nice job of developing corners . Have you had the chance to get know him and how you might fit in with the system .

Quantaves No, I haven't gotten a chance to get to know him . I plan to visit again unofficially in July and then come back on an OV in season . I will find out more about my fit when I can sit with him.

3 You just started playing the corner, how comfortable are you with the position ?

Quantaves I am gaining more and more confidence playing corner. I am comfortable and learning to run backwards everyday is becoming pretty cool .

4 Do you have an idea when you want to make a commit decision ?

Quantaves I intend to make a commitment sometime around mid or late September . I want to take a few in season visits and see the atmosphere with students on campus .

5 Tell me one thing not many people know about you .

Quantaves I built my first computer .

Well now you know a little about this young man. A thoughtful, intelligent youngster who has worked very hard for his offers . He's going to show up to campus ready to grind on the field and in the classroom, hopefully that will be in Columbia .


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