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Miyon Conaway

Recruiting is interesting to watch if you pay attention. Right now, still almost 10 months from early signing day, recruiting for 2022 athletes is very busy. Many of the top rated players have already verbally committed or made lists of schools they are interested in. The 4 and 5 star players destinations are starting to come into focus. Now the second wave starts to heat up. A lot of these young men are 3 stars even more have yet to be ranked. This is when good staffs separate themselves, finding players that are under ranked or that have yet to be noticed.

Enter Miyon Conaway, 6'3" 221 LBs listed as a defensive end though I see him as a possible linebacker. He has the speed and athleticism to play either position. It wasn't until January 28th that Miyon received his first offer from Georgia State. He now has 9 D1 offers including Mizzou. Coming from a small town like Hazlehurst GA it took a little while for recruiters to find him. He has definitely got their attention now with 4.6 speed and great strength.

Let's get to a few questions with Miyon.

1 A month ago you were still looking for your first offer and now things are really taking off . Were you starting to wonder when programs were going to notice you ?

Miyon Yes sir I did.

2 Missouri just offered, had they been in contact or did it come out of the blue ?

Miyon I was contacted maybe a day or two prior to the offer day.

3 Do you think coming from a small town kept you hidden a little bit ?

Miyon Absolutely, very under the spotlight and the radar.

4 What are your strengths ?

Miyon My actual strength, speed, agility, and being coachable .

5 What are you working to improve ?

Miyon My game and abilities in general, there is always something to improve on.

6 You're listed as a DE but given your speed has there been any talk of moving you to LB ?

Miyon Yes there has been talk of me having a chance to play linebacker.

7 You played in the GA/FLA Showcase recently. Do you think that game got you a lot of exposure ?

Miyon I do happen to think it gained me more exposure along with how I advertise myself as an athlete and how incredibly good my coaching staff is with drawing college coaches attention to our athletes.

8 Tell me something not many people know about you.

Miyon I'm very aware.

There are a lot of recruiting sites out there and a lot of rankings, but there are a lot of really good players out there who are just being discovered. Everyone knows the 4 and 5 star kids but it's finding these players like Miyon that can really make the difference. Let's hope we see Mr. Conaway terrorizing offensive players sideline to sideline in Columbia in the years to come .


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