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Miles "FaMous" McVay

Miles McVay is an offensive tackle out of East St Louis in the 2023 recruiting class. He already has many D1 offers but by next year his stock is likely to go through the roof. Still very young and standing 6'7" 345 LBs this young man is going to be a beast. But there is much more to Miles, he has a very strong GPA and his community involvement is truly outstanding. In January he was named a Chicago Bears Community High School All-Star Award winner. He regularly volunteers to help distribute food with the Demetrious Johnson Foundation. During the pandemic, he helped the cities of Ferguson and Delwood with their drive through pantries. He also helps out at North Side Community School. My hats off to his mother and family for being great influences on Miles, you have a lot to be proud of. I won't list all the camps Miles has been invited to but he has been dominate against the best players in the country. You will hear a lot more about Miles McVay in the months to come but lets get to hear from Miles now.

1 You already have a number of offers and many more to come. Are any of the schools standing out yet ?

Miles Naw, not yet. I am still learning about and watching each school. I'm seeing my friends go off to different programs and watching their experiences. I am seeing coaching changes and seeing how the programs change. I'm visiting schools even though I can't talk to coaches or get into the facilities right now. So I'm just learning and watching.

2 It's been awhile since you got to play, how was Friday ?

Miles Friday was fun it felt good to get back on the field and play with my guys. I'm gonna admit I was a little rusty at first. Note: Because of Covid Miles hasn't got to play in 16 months.

3 You are still a really young player what are your strengths and what are you working on ?

Miles My strengths I would say would be my knowledge of the game and technique. I am working on being more consistent. My goal is to play the perfect game.

4 You went to a lot of camps last year, all over the country, that had to be fun ?

Miles Yes, they were fun especially meeting and talking to new people and making connections, seeing different parts of the country ( trying their best food places ) and going against players from different areas and showing them how we do it in the Midwest.

5 Did you get a chance to watch any Mizzou spring practice to see how your old teammates are doing ?

Miles Sadly, I didn't get a chance to make it up to Mizzou for the practices, I wish I did. But I did get to watch the Spring Game on the SEC Network.

6 Where did you get the handle FaMous ?

Miles It was given to me by my parents because when I was little I was Famous for something happening. If I was walking with a drink, I was Famous for wasting it all over me. If I was running, I was Famous for falling and knocking every kid around me down. When I was 2 years old I hopped on a bike and started riding it with no training wheels, because I saw the big kids doing it. So I was Famous for stuff just happening.

7 You are heavily involved in the community work, be it youth or food pantries. How did you get involved ?

Miles I got involved because of family. I have a lot of family members who are involved with the community. Their involvement introduced me to community service work at an early age, so now I just join in and start helping.

8 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Miles Yes, as of right now I would like to study Business or Sports Physical Therapy .

9 Favorite meal ?

Miles My favorite meal is mainly chicken from this spot in St Louis called Vails Brothers Chicken ( Garlic Parmesan Wings ).

10 All time best movie ?

Miles The best movie would have to be Coach Carter. The lessons you learn in the movie are great.

11 What's at the top of your bucket list ?

Miles The top of my bucket list is to travel out of the country.

12 Tell me one thing most people don't know about you.

Miles One thing people probably don't know about me is that I like to read.

Miles has all the measurables you want in a football player, but more importantly he has all the measurables you want to see in a young man. He's an athlete who will make you proud on the field but also a young man who will make you proud in the classroom and in life. As we head towards 2023 recruiting in the near future I hope Mizzou makes a very hard push for this young man.


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