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Mickey Stokes

This is a different story than usual, this young man didn't have 30 offers coming out of high school. Mickey is a 6'4" 195 LB wide receiver out of Pennsylvania . He has all the measurables, good speed, good hands, not afraid of contact, can go up and get the ball. He didn't put up huge numbers in high school and so programs were interested but didn't pull the trigger. He did what most would in this situation, he went to a JUCO in California. Alas, along comes Covid and the season is cancelled. So now he waits for the opportunity to show his skills off to teams like Mizzou. I've watched his high school film and I believe he can play D1 football. This young man is hungry for an opportunity and I'll be pulling for him.

1 I know you went to JUCO to showcase your skills, were any teams showing interest out of high school ?

Mickey Yes, Syracuse, Penn State, and Temple showed the most interest out of high school as well as several D2 and D3 schools.

2 Have you had the chance to talk to any Mizzou coaches or has it been the recruiting staff ?

Mickey The majority of contact has been with the recruiting staff, as it seems the coaches were waiting until after they signed the 2021 guys before turning their attention to 2022 guys. Since I'm a 2021 grad , I believe the coach conversations will be coming.

3 You are a receiver but I noticed you were All-State as a punter, is that something you want to continue ?

Mickey That is correct, I was an All-State punter, and would love to contribute to the Mizzou program any way I can. If that means punting, playing wide receiver, or both. I'm definitely open to contributing however Coach Drinkwitz and the staff ask me to.

4 Are you considering a PWO or is that off the table ? Also Is there any thought of going to a different JUCO in another state if California remains in shut down ?

Mickey I've been approached by a few JUCO's in Pennsylvania and Kansas about joining their programs when California was shut down. Honestly I haven't thought about leaving Foothill College. I'm big on loyalty and the coaching staff are like family to me. I developed a lot off the field and in the classroom to be the best student-athlete I can be. Plus their were some deficiencies in my skill set I needed to work on to become faster, stronger, and more explosive football player. So while I'm hopeful and praying that California will play football in this spring/fall, but if we don't, I have preferred walk on opportunities at Texas Tech and Robert Morris I'll be considering heavily.

5 Do you think you will be offered soon or do you think programs will wait until they get to see you on the field at the JUCO level ?

Mickey While I know schools are waiting to evaluate my JUCO film, several schools indicated that they'll be in touch this spring to offer. I also have a plan to get on campus for prospect days with a transcript in hand, so schools can evaluate me in person. Mizzou is definitely high on my list of schools I'll be looking to get in front of and engage with during camp season.

6 Favorite meal ?

Mickey My mother's baked Mac-and Cheese.

7 Best movie of all time ?

Mickey Remember The Titans

8 Tell me something about you not many people know .

Mickey I'd like to be a teacher, to give back to youth the same way my teachers in school gave back to me.


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