• Roy Glover

Mani Powell

When you talk about this young man you have to mention athleticism . One of the top wrestlers in the state of Ohio also one of the best at discus and shot put . By the way Mani can play football, he was second team All-Sate last year . At 6'2" 225 LBs with 4.58 speed he's a prototypical linebacker but he can also be slid to the edge and is an accomplished running back. He had a number of offers already but his recruitment has heated up lately with new offers coming in the last few days .

As the Tigers continue to improve their roster, linebacker would seem to be an area that could use some attention . I believe that Mani might be one of the better fits for the Tigers in the 2022 class . There also appears to be a real opportunity for a young man like this on our team going forward. You never know what will happen but this recruit just seems like a logical match and could excel here . It's possible we might be talking about the next Nick Bolton .

1 Mizzou just offered you, did you know they were interested ?

Mani No, I didn't actually.

2 You have several offers, do any of the programs stand out yet ?

Mani Yes, but that's private

3 The Tigers have NFL coaches on their defensive staff and just sent LB Nick Bolton into the NFL as a first round pick, does that influence your decision ?

Mani It is a pro about the school but it doesn't influence my decision .

4 With offers still coming in do you have a timeline on when you want to commit yet .

Mani I'll be committing before my season starts .

5 You are very athletic, capable of not only playing LB but DE or even RB do you have a preference ?

Mani I play where my coach tells me to . I don't care what I play, I just love the game .

6 Tell us what your strengths are and what you are looking to improve on .

Mani I'd say I play low and physical and I'm looking to improve my covering and speed .

7 You are pretty busy with football, track and field, and wrestling but what do you like to do just to unwind ?

Mani I listen to music and take long drives .

8 Favorite meal ?

Mani Steak, shrimp, broccoli, mashed potatoes and lobster tail .

9 What's the one thing you really want to see or do ?

Mani I want to win a ring, I want to be an All American, I want to make an impact on many peoples lives.

10 Tell me one thing most people don't know about you .

Mani Not a lot of people know that I look to each and every single coach I deal with as a father figures because I lost my dad at a very young age . So I take my coaches love serious and deeply feel for coaches and mentors.

I've talked about what Mani can do on the field but I believe he's also just a good young man . Team captain in Canton, he is a leader on and off the field. He's close with his mother and family oriented . Just the kind of young man Mizzou has been recruiting, and the kind of young man to help the program continue to rise .


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