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Kaian Roberts-Day

A young athlete that can play defensive end, linebacker, or tight end, that's what you get in Kaian Roberts-Day. A 6'4" 220 LB athlete formerly playing out of Joplin but finishing his career at Festus. Last year at Festus he played all over the field and proved effective wherever they put him. Kaian's twin brother Kadin passed away on Sept 4 2019 after a football practice of cardiac arrest. Kaian is now excelling and carrying on for both himself and also the memory of his brother. This is just the kind of student athlete you want in your program.

Straight to our visit with Kaian.

1 You are attending Festus your final year, how is that going ?

Kaian It's great honestly glad to be back home.

2 You've got an ex-Tiger A.J. Ofodile coaching you, is that a good relationship ?

Kaian Coach O is my guy, that man is the best coach I've ever had in my life and always be don't think anyone will change that.

3 Your twin brother Kadin passed away tragically in 2019, how has that impacted you ?

Kaian It's impacted me kind of hard, but I'm living through it and everyone is loving the way I'm handling it. It's a big motivation.

4 You are generally listed as a defensive end but are capable of playing several positions. Do you have a preference ?

Kaian My preference is tight end.

5 You chose Baylor very early, what drew you to that program ?

Kaian My brother, it's his favorite school, they have a good staff too.

6 You've had a chance to watch some Mizzou practice, what's your thoughts on the team ?

Kaian Mizzou has a hell of a team and they have potential , seriously they are high on my list.

7 Favorite meal ?

Kaian Pizza

8 Best movie all time ?

Kaian Blindside

9 What's at the top of your bucket list. one thing you really want to do or see ?

Kaian I want to meet two NFL players, Derrick Henry and Le'Veon Bell but that's not going to happen for awhile .

10 Tell me one thing not many people know about you.

Kaian That I'm very raw with football and can be molded into anything.

11 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Kaian Marketing

I wish is that I could have done this Q&A with both brothers. The only thing that would be better than having Kaian wearing black and gold would have been getting Kadin here too. I don't know why some things happen, but I know this, Kaian is making his brother very proud and will continue to do so.


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