• Roy Glover

Joshua White

Just when you thought Mizzou recruiting might quiet down a little, Drink went down to Georgia . He wasn't looking for a soul to steal rather some recruits and he found three including 6'4" 275 LB DE Joshua White . Joshua is a big, strong lineman that has worked on his technique since transferring to Cedar Grove . What I like about this young athlete is that he not only makes a lot of sacks but racks up a lot of tackles . He does a nice job of following the ball and has a relentless motor .

Asking Joshua a few questions he believes Mizzou would be a good fit . I would agree, with the 2022 class including a couple of good interior lineman there is a definite need for a couple of ends. He's already gotten to know Jethro Franklin a little and Coach Franklin seems like the kind of coach that could really help this young D lineman excel .

I asked Joshua about his game " My game is just pure dog mentality like I'm not going to let nobody stop me from eating . I'm a great pass rusher and run stopper " Sounds like a DE doesn't he ? The youngster doesn't lack for confidence but if you watch his film he can back it up .

When asked about the other 2022 Cedar Grove recruit Carlton Madden Jr maybe coming together as a package deal "You never know til the day comes " . Played it coy but you know it's an interesting idea .

Joshua wants to make a visit before he makes his decision . He would like to study Sports Medicine once he chooses a college . Coming from Georgia I asked him about pecan pie and he told me he preferred hot wings . Now that's just not right but we do have a lot of hot wings here in Missouri so maybe that works in our favor .

Finally I asked my old standby, tell me one thing not many people know about you . " I like to cook " . Well I would like to see what Joshua could cook up for opposing offenses at Faurot Field .


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