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Jaylon James

Updated: Mar 4

sitting in southern Missouri is the small town of West Plains. That's where you'll find 6'7" 295 LB offensive tackle Jaylon James. This young man was All-State as a junior, has the length, size, and foot speed coaches love. He has an offer from Ball State and recently picked up one from Iowa State, and should be in store for more. I think if he played in the Kansas City or St Louis areas you would hear more about him. Regardless, this is a kid Mizzou can't sleep on. I like the film on him now and I'm excited to see how his senior year plays out.

Here's a little Q&A with Jaylon

1 I've seen a few heights and weights for you, what is the correct size ?

Jaylon 6'7" 295 right now, lean and mean.

2 Congrats on making All-State, what goals do you have for your senior season ?

Jaylon Win a state title

3 Despite your size and athleticism you have one D1 offer. are you surprised or frustrated with that ?

note: Jaylon just picked up his second offer

Jaylon Not worried about it either way.

4 Tristan Wilson is from your area and his recruitment finally took off, that's got to give you a little confidence that your time will come.

Jaylon Tristan is a really good player, happy for him.

5 Do you think recruiters get too focused on KC/STL area kids and may be sleeping on you guys in the south ?

Jaylon Probably easier to recruit bigger areas and see more kids at one time so I get that.

6 Have any programs reached out to you ?

Jaylon A few have reached out. Just trying to focus on grades and get more athletic.

7 What do you see as your strengths and what are you working to improve on ?

Jaylon Strength and I'm coachable. I need to finish plays better.

8 What would you like to do after school ?

Jaylon Welding interests me.

9 Favorite meal ?

Jaylon Anything from the south.

10 Best movie all time ?

Jaylon That's a hard one, I don't have a favorite, I just like to watch a good movie every once in awhile.

11 Tell me something most people don't know about you.

Jaylon My biological father is in prison and I don't talk to a lot of people and my anger used to be really bad but I've learned to control it. I can be closed minded.

Jaylon is an interesting prospect, probably still a little raw, but the upside is very high. A quiet kid that is ready to come into a program and work. Wherever he ends up (hopefully Mizzou) that team will be getting a big time tackle who will bust their hump for the team.


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