• Roy Glover

Jalen Marshall

Jalen Marshall doesn't look like your average defensive tackle. He is 6'5" 270 LBS but he looks much more athletic than a lot of his counterparts . Coming from a football family this young athlete can play up and down the line. He's blessed with quick feet and already understands how to use his hands. It's apparent when you watch him that he has been well coached and is more advanced then a lot of the more raw recruits coming out. He's got one year left at Saint Thomas Aquinas in Overland Park, Kansas but I believe this youngster will be able to help out a college program fairly quickly.

Onto the questions

1 Have you had the chance to get to know the staff at Mizzou yet ?

Jalen Yes, I have met most of the staff.

2 I would guess you might know some of the players or recruits ?

Jalen Yes I work out with Mekhi Miller and I have talked to Max Whisner before. note Mekhi is a WR and Max a TE both verbally committed to Mizzou for the 2022 class.

3 I know your dad walked on at Oklahoma State, how much does that influence your decision ?

Jalen It doesn't influence it that much but it's kind of cool.

4 You don't seem to mind where you play on the line, do you have a preference ?

Jalen I like 3 tech or 5 tech. note 3 tech line up between the guard and tackle, 5 tech lines up across from the tackle.

5 You got the virtual Mizzou tour, how did that go ?

Jalen It went well, I was very impressed by their facility.

6 Is their a significance to your twitter anime banner ?

Jalen No, it's just one of my favorite characters in a show I like.

7 There's another Marshall playing at Saint Thomas Aquinas , tell me about him.

Jalen My brother Dillon, he plays OLB and he's currently a freshman.

8 Are any programs standing out to you yet ?

Jalen Not really, just the schools that have been recruiting me the most.

9 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Jalen Engineering.

10 Favorite food

Jalen Steak

11 Best movie all time

Jalen Best movie of all time is Get Out.

12 Tell me something most people don't know about you ?

Jalen Something people might not know is I was born in Chicago.

Jalen would be an awful good fit for our program. We have been shorthanded at defensive tackle and have a transfer and a Juco coming in to help out. But long term Mekhi Wingo will need some help inside. Also having a player that can be versatile and play multiple positions is a huge plus.


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