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Jaleel Johnson

Mizzou just offered 2022 Defensive End Jaleel Johnson out of Putnam City North in Oklahoma City. This is the same school that Sam Bradford attended. I'll be honest I didn't know much else about the school or Jaleel but that's why we reach out and talk to these young recruits. Turns out Jaleel is a pretty good football player. I've watched some film and one thing that stands out is he spends a lot of time in the offensive backfield. He is very quick and is a disruptive even dropping in pass coverage at times. Good size at 6'5" 235 LBs with athleticism and a great attitude. Lets hear from Jaleel and get to know him a little better.

1 your recruitment was pretty quiet but offers are coming fast and furious now, has it been a surprise to you ?

Jaleel Yeah it's crazy I went from 0 power offers to three of them. Note: Mizzou, Iowa Sate, and Kansas State in about 24 hours.

2 Did you know Mizzou was interested in you before the offer ?

Jaleel No I didn't, it happened out of nowhere .

3 Have any of the current offers stood out to you ?

Jaleel Yes, I really like Tulane and Memphis and of course now Missouri.

4 What are your strengths ?

Jaleel I would say my first step is my most lethal weapon .

5 Do you pattern your game after anyone ?

Jaleel Not really but I really like how Cameron Jordan plays his game.

6 What are your goals for your senior season ?

Jaleel To take my team to the National Championship.

7 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Jaleel I haven't really put much thought into it yet.

8 Favorite meal ?

Jaleel Favorite meal is probably Chicken Alfredo .

9 All time best movie ?

Jaleel Don't really have one but I'll say The Incredibles.

10 Top of your bucket list, one thing you really want to do or see.

Jaleel I really want to play in the NFL.

11 Tell me one thing most people don't know about you.

Jaleel I'm not really the talkative type.

Jaleel has a lot of raw talent, it's easy to see why Coach Franklin likes this kid. I am looking forward to seeing what he does this year and believe he would be another cornerstone in the new DlineU at Mizzou .


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