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Jadon Scarlett

Jadon is a 6'2 260 LB DT out of Flower Mound Texas recently offered by Mizzou. This young man is extremely quick and agile not something you see very often in an interior lineman. Disruptive is the word that probably describes him best on the field. His recruiting is just heating up, but as Coach Drink continues to reestablish D-Line U he would fit in perfectly.

Jadon took the time to answer a few questions for us today, so let's get to know the young man.

1 Your recruiting is really heating up, does anything really stand out yet ?

Jadon Nothing is standing out yet, I hold all schools in the same regard during this time.

2 It's apparent you're very agile and quick, what are your other strengths ?

Jadon I have good strength and can use my hands to get off the ball.

3 What are you looking to improve on ?

Jadon Everything, there is no one part of my game that is perfect. From my footwork to tackling .

4 Mizzou just recently offered, have you had time to get to know any of the staff ?

Jadon I have talked to Coach Gibbs and Coach Franklin and they are both great coaches and I enjoy talking to them.

5 Are you aware of the reputation Mizzou has of turning out defensive lineman, D-Line U ?

Jadon I do not know the reputation of Mizzou yet, but I do look to know when I do my research on the school.

6 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Jadon I want to major in either business or something along the lines of animation.

7 I see from your Twitter account you must be a fan of Dragon Ball Z, tell me about that .

Jadon I love a lot of anime's and Dragon Ball Z is one of my favorites. Anime is even a part of my gameday sometimes in the sense of I either watch it or listen to the opening or ending songs of the anime.

8 Favorite meal ?

Jadon Gonna have to say pineapple pizza with a side of fries.

9 Best movie all time ?

Jadon Baby Driver

Tell me something about you not many people know .

Jadon I actually did not want to play football but my dad made me and now I love it and turns out, I'm pretty good.

Pretty good indeed, I have to show you one of Jadon's videos, I couldn't resist.


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