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Halfway Home

We're still five months away from when recruits can actually sign with schools but with twelve verbal commits Mizzou's 2022 class is half complete . Plenty of work to be done but sitting in a good place . This is a good time to look positionally at what the staff needs to concentrate on to finish strong . This class will not be able to have more than twenty five players like last year so that leaves thirteen spots max . The staff may want to hold a few spots for transfers and athletes making late decisions so you are looking at maybe ten recruits at most being added by December . Here's a quick look at who is coming in and where they might focus to fill those spots .

QB Sam Horn

They got their guy and have good depth at the position now , no more work to be done here .

RB Tavorus Jones

After missing out on some backs things fell into place and Missouri got a premier runner . They now have solid depth albeit youthful, they could add one more back to this class but it is not a necessity .

WR Mekhi Miller and Ja'Marion Wayne

That's two quality receivers coming in and though that would usually be enough I could see them bringing in one more if the right player is available .

TE Max Whisner

Considering they have two freshman coming in this year it's not really an area of need .

OL Deshawn Woods, Armand Membou, and Tristan Wilson

Three very good lineman coming in but all seem to be more interior type and I could see one of them moving to center. It seems the program could use two more lineman particularly tackles .

CB Marcus Scott II

Still need at least one corner to add to this class and it's possible they could take two more .

S Isaac Thompson

Coach Fletcher will be looking for another safety to pair with Thompson .

LB None

Probably the biggest area of need going forward will be linebacker . I would think we might sign two players . It's the position to keep an eye on over the next couple of months .

DL Marquis Gracial and Jalen Marshall

Mizzou has brought in two really good lineman but probably will need two more at least . I could see them bringing in another end rusher type and one maybe two more big tackles.

So just looking at needs and considering using ten scholarships I could see six or seven being spent on defense

1 CB

1 S

2 LB

2/3 DL

The remaining three or four on offense

1/2 RB/WR

2 OL (tackles)

The point is as you get into the second half the staff has to not only evaluate who they think are the best players but consider roster design . Next I'll give you some thoughts on which recruits might be a fit for these final spots.


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