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Eliah Drinkwitz

Updated: May 15

Coach Eliah Drinkwitz has only been here about a year and a half now, but he has done an outstanding job of recruiting and building depth already. He was hired late for recruiting his 2020 class but still managed to pick up some key pieces. His 2021 class is one of the best in Mizzou history and he has a nice start on the 2022 class. Taking a look position by position you can begin to see the blueprint of this coaching staff .

Start with the quarterbacks where he inherited current starter Connor Bazelak but very little depth. Brady Cook had already committed but the current staff kept him in the fold and he proved to be a solid backup last year. The 2021 class brought us a dual threat playmaker in Tyler Macon and has we go into the 2021 season we actually have three legitimate options who can all play . The 2022 class already features a highly touted newcomer in Sam Horn and now you have the depth and talent needed going forward .

Running back was a solid position for this team, inheriting Rountree and Badie is a nice start . Larry Roundtree heads to the NFL this year and Tyler Badie will be a senior and after that were a lot of questions . Elijah Young had been previously recruited but decommitted . He ended up signing with Mizzou and was solid in limited play last year and will probably see quite a bit of time this year. Still this team needed more depth and the 2021 class added BJ Harris and local star Taj Butts, mission accomplished . The 2022 class will probably bring one or two more backs and as of now the names to keep an eye on are CJ Stokes and Joseph Himon.

The wide receiving core was in need of a total makeover. no offense to the players already here but this unit needed an influx of talent . First they managed to hold on to 2020 recruits Jay Maclin and Javian Hester . Then they added Kris Abrams-Draine and Chance Luper late and a couple of transfers Damon Hazelton and Keke Chism . The 2021 class brought a big recruitment flip in Dominic Lovett and a huge transfer in Mookie Cooper , The 2022 class has brought us Ja'Marion Wayne and Mekhi Miller and their are still a few targets left . ( Still would love to see Quinton Conley offered ) And just like that the receiving corps has been overhauled .

The offensive line had some nice pieces, but needed depth and a general upgrade. First they held on to 2020 recruits G Drake Heismeyer and T Mitchell Walters to solidify their future. Then they added transfer Michael Maietti to solidify the present. The 2021 class brought tackles Connor Tollison and J'Marion Gooch and big time transfer G EJ Ndoma-Ogar . Two local guards are coming with the 2022 class Armand Membou and Tristan Wilson and their are several more recruits still on the table. That's more talent than Mizzou has seen on the line in a long time.

Tight end has not been overlooked by this staff . The 2021 class yielded Ryan Hoerstkamp and Gavin McKay . They have Max Whisner in the 2022 class and are still in on Micah Riley-Ducker.

Next time we'll look at the defensive side of the ball but it's pretty easy to see that in a very short period of time this coaching staff has overhauled this roster . They have added depth and increased the talent overall at every position . The future looks very bright for Mizzou football .


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