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Dylahn McKinney

Dylahn McKinney is just the kind of Cornerback Mizzou likes. At 6'2" 175 LBs with good speed and athleticism, this young man is a physical DB. He shows a willingness in run support and can be used to blitz . A sure tackler who can read offensive routes and tracks the ball very well. Playing at Colleyville Heritage in Texas about 25 miles from where we got Ennis Rakestraw, he could be the next corner Mizzou get's out of the area.

Here's what Dylahn had to say about a couple of things I got to ask him about.

1 Mizzou recently offered, have you had time to talk to any of the staff yet ?

Dylahn Yes sir, me and Coach Gibbs , we talk all the time. He's a cool coach.

2 Have any of the programs stood out to you yet ?

Dylahn Yes, all my offers stand out. Anytime a school believes enough in your talents to offer you a full scholarship it's humbling.

3 Do you prefer press coverage or off man ?

Dylahn Press coverage all day long !

4 Missouri has had success recruiting in Texas, especially defensive backs. Do you know any of the players or recruits ?

Dylahn Yes sir, my aunt coaches basketball at Duncanville High School where Rakestraw is from. I am familiar with him, but don't personally know him.

5 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Dylahn I'm considering business but not sure yet.

6 What do you believe are your strengths and what are you looking to improve ?

Dylahn My strengths are my natural instincts on the football field, I'm very lengthy, love to run and love to get up and compete with the best. I want to be the best.

7 Favorite meal ?

Dylahn I like food ! All food ! Steak, Tacos, chicken whatever lol .

8 All time best movie ?

Dylahn mmh, I like vampire movies lol .

9 Tell me something not many people know about you ?

Dylahn People don't know it but I watch cornerback YouTube highlights like all the time lol, Marshawn Lynch, Jalen Ramsey, Buddha Baker, Stephon Gilmore, Xavian Howard, college guys too lol.

Thanks for your time Dylahn

No problem

I got a feeling we're going to see you up here in Columbia.

Yes sir


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