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Duncan Parham II

Duncan Parham is a 6'4" 220 LB linebacker from Norman Oklahoma who was recently offered by Mizzou . He has size and quickness to get after opposing offenses and shows good instincts for finding the ball. he seems to read the offense well and is able to come up and hold the edge . The scout ratings for him seem to be low in my opinion but the coaching staff at Missouri see his skillset and that's what matters. His father played for OU back in the late 80s as a tight end .

1 The Mizzou offer and the chance to play in the SEC has to be pretty appealing . Were you aware of their interest or was this kind of out of the blue ?

Duncan I've been talking to Mizzou for awhile but I didn't expect them to offer as early as they did .

2 Have you had a chance to talk to the coaching staff yet ?

Duncan Yes, Coach Smith

3 What are your strengths and what are you looking to improve on ?

Duncan I'm good in pass rush and the run game . I'm pushing myself to be better in coverage .

4 Do you have any personal goals for your senior season ?

Duncan Just to commit to play power 5 football .

5 Your dad played at OU, how does he feel about you possibly going to Mizzou ?

Duncan My dad doesn't really care about what school , he cares more that I've earned the scholarships I have and continue to work.

6 Do you have a timetable for when you want to make your commitment ?

Duncan Not really .

7 Your academics have been outstanding, do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Duncan Not yet, Sports Management seems alright tho .

8 Best movie all time ?

Duncan Friday.

9 The one thing you would like to see or do ?

Duncan I want to go to Mexico .

Duncan fit's in with the defense's philosophy of wanting to create more pressure and cause more turnovers . Time will tell if we get him to Columbia but he definitely has the tools to be a fine defensive player.


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