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DJ Wesolak

Updated: Feb 8

25 miles to the west of Columbia is the small town of Boonville and it has been transformed into one of the hotbeds of college football recruiting. DJ Wesolak is a 6'5" 225LB weak side defensive end whose recruiting has hit a fever pitch.

DJ was kind enough to answer a few questions today.

  1. Your offers have been exploding lately, 30 D1 offers to date. Did you expect this or is it kind of overwhelming at times ?

DJ You know, every offer I have received is honestly a blessing in itself because you're not always given this opportunity. But for me it was my dream to play on a big stage so I'm glad it's happened.

2. How many calls and texts do you get in a day ?

DJ I usually get 3-4 but now since the coaches can call us on this period it's been 10ish a day.

3. Have you managed to build a good relationship with our staff ?

DJ I've built a great relationship with the Mizzou staff, with the HC and the new DC but also coaches like Coach Franklin and Coach Harbison.

4. Who do you pattern your game after ?

DJ I pattern my game after Chase Young, Myles Garrett, and a little bit of Nick Bosa and TJ Watt. Those are the guys I love to watch film on and mimic their moves off the ball.

5. With so many schools offering are you thinking of dropping a list to narrow it down yet ?

DJ Honestly it's been so crazy I haven't gotten the opportunity to cut my list down because I want to be able to look at all the colleges and the opportunities they give me before I decide.

6. Do you know any of the current Mizzou players ?

DJ I know of Travion Ford and some other commits in my class right now.

7. Favorite meal

DJ Any type of Mexican food or wings.

8. All time best movie.

DJ Definitely The Lion King.

9. Tell me something not many people know about you.

DJ Most people don't realize I'm a multi sport athlete. I play football, basketball, track, and baseball. I've done all those sports growing up with friends and competing.


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