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Armand Membou

Mizzou is going to need some offensive lineman in the 2022 class and you don't have to look further than Lee's Summit North to find a really good one. Armand checks a lot of boxes, big kid with quick feet and he knows how to finish blocks. He's been playing guard but has the size at 6'4" 275 to possibly play up and down line. His film shows he can pull and can get to second level blocks. This is just the kind of recruit we need if we are going to continue to improve in the SEC.

Armand generously agreed to answer a few questions so let's get to know the young man a little better,

  1. What do you believe are your strengths and what are you looking to work on ?

Armand My biggest strengths are my athleticism and quick feet. I really need to improve on my technique and getting to the second level.

2. Mizzou has a veteran offensive line so it would seem there is a need for line recruits, does that enter into your decision ?

Armand I never even thought about that, that's pretty interesting.

3. A number of NFL lineman have came out of this program lately, you must find that appealing ?

Armand Yeah, it's pretty cool seeing a program that's trying to recruit me have a lot of success putting my position in the league.

4. The Tigers have recruited more out of St Louis in the past, do you believe they are improving in the KC area ?

Armand They definitely are improving in the KC area, there is a lot of talent over here.

5. Have you built a good relationship with the coaches ?

Armand Yeah, I think I have built a pretty good relationship with Coach Johnson.

6. Favorite meal ?

Armand Chicken is probably my go to.

7. Best movie of all time ?

Armand I'd have to say Avengers: Infinity War.

8. Tell me something most people don't know about you.

Armand I'm a boy scout and I'm actually pretty close to becoming an Eagle Scout.


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