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Ali Wells

Lutheran North high school has a reputation of producing high quality Division 1 football players. Last year Missouri snagged Travion Ford and a lot of attention has been paid to Toriano Pride in this years class. But Ali Wells should not be overlooked or underestimated. This young man is a 5'!!" 170 LB swiss army knife capable of making big plays all over the field. He holds offers from a number of high profile programs but each may see him a little differently. Some view him as a running back, some a defensive back, and others look at what he can do as a returner or receiver . Quick and agile with great ball skills he is likely to be successful wherever he lines up.

Here's a short Q&A with Ali.

1 You hold a number of nice offers , are any of them standing out to you ?

Ali Right now all of them are standing out to me until I go on more visits.

2 Some scouting services list you at running back others as an athlete, where do you see yourself at the next level ?

Ali Last year I started on both sides of the ball and made an impact. In college I feel I can play on either side they need me on, maybe DB, maybe RB, maybe slot slot receiver.

3 You've got some teammates in Columbia does that enter into your decision ?

Ali Yes, I have an eye on Mizzou, I keep in touch.

4 A lot of recruits are just now getting offers, your offers came early and then it got somewhat quiet, has that surprised you ?

Ali No, not really surprised I'm just waiting my turn again, senior year I'm coming with heat.

5 You have a knack for big plays both on offense and the return game, what's that 40 time down to ?

Ali My 40 time is a 4.5

6 What have you been working on improving this year ?

Ali I've been working to improve at every position I play to be ready for anything.

7 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Ali In college I want major somewhere in the medical field, not sure what yet.

8 Best movie all time ?

Ali Point Break.

9 Tell me something very few people know about you.

Ali Something very few people know is I fear no one.

It's going to be fun to see Ali's senior season, I expect big things from him. It will also be interesting to watch his college career unfold because with the right coaching staff the sky is the limit for this young man.


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