• Roy Glover

Adrian "Pahokee" Brown

Just offered by Mizzou is Adrian Brown a ball hawking, big play, defensive back. Played at Pahokee in Florida and recently transferred to Bishop Sycamore in Ohio. Can play either corner or safety and has been a really effective returner. What I see is a fast DB that plays the ball and can turn a game around in a heartbeat. Reminds me a little bit of Marcus Peters. As Coach Wilks talks about getting more turnovers this would seem to be his kind of player.

Here we go with the interview with Adrian.

1 Adrian, you recently transferred to Bishop Sycamore, is that more of a prep school ?

Adrian Bishop Sycamore is more of a private school. They found me when I beat their 7v7 team a while back. They're a team like IMG Academy, St Frances, or Life Academy.

2 I see 247 lists you as a CB but I hear you play safety, WR, and returner. Do you have a preference ?

Adrian I DB, everything else just comes easy to me but DB is where my heart is at. I love the feeling of taking the ball and changing the game.

3 You just got an offer from Mizzou, had you been talking to the staff or did it come out of the blue ?

Adrian Mizzou has been on my trail since my freshman season, but because of the NCAA rules they couldn't reach out to me yet but when they could they did so. I knew they had been wanting me.

4 They say you are quite a ball hawk, is that just natural or do you read the routes ?

Adrian I've had crazy ball skills my whole life. It comes natural to me.

5 How does the Mizzou offer rank in your mind at the moment ?

Adrian At the moment it's major to me because at the end of the day it's a chance to further myself and compete at the next level . But I'm not comparing them to my other offers because I haven't been on campus yet.

6 What do you see as your strengths ?

Adrian My strengths are I'm a dawg. I don't think too many people have the competitive drive to match me.

7 Do you know what you want to study in college yet ?

Adrian Marketing.

8 Favorite Meal ?

Adrian Curry chicken and goat with white rice.

9 All time best movie ?

Adrian I don't watch movies. (note: we're going to have to change that )

10 What is on top of your bucket list ? The one thing you really want to see or do.

Adrian Go on a college visit.

11 Tell me one thing not many people know about you.

Adrian I'm smarter than I let them know

Let's hope we can get this young man on campus for a visit and show him where he belongs.


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