• Roy Glover

2022 Running Backs

This position could be a little dicey for the Black and Gold next season. Next year Tyler Badie and Elijah Young will be joined by Taj Butts and hopefully BJ Harris, if he signs. They lose Roundtree and will be young and inexperienced. The 2022 class has even more questions and they would probably like to add at least one if not two backs. They offered 12 backs and the list is shrinking fast. They are out on local star Arlen Harris and appear out on the five other four star backs they offered.

Qualon Farrar is a smaller scat back they offered a year ago and his recruitment has become very quiet. A couple of bigger backs Ollie Gordon and James Jointer both appear on Mizzou's radar. After that you have Kendall Jackson, Brandon Conrad, and Sam Slade offered recently. In a perfect world maybe we can get either Gordon or Jointer and maybe one of the newer recruits. It seems like this could be a spot for a JUCO or a transfer later on.


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