I created this site because as a fan of Mizzou Football I didn't feel I was getting the content I wanted. I am not a professional journalist nor particularly skilled with computers. What I will try to do is give you some insight and allow fans to get to know recruits, current, and former players and coaches.

   I hope those that do interviews will feel comfortable answering questions and I assure you I am not trying to use the "gotcha" journalism to get you to say something you will regret. That will not happen here.

   I also understand that these young athletes are not getting paid to do these Q&As and I deeply appreciate their time. Because of this I will never charge for this site or sell advertising on it. I don't believe it's fair for me to profit off of their free time.

   I hope everyone enjoys the site even if at times it's a little clunky and the content isn't always ground breaking. 

Roy Glover